LP 334 / DOGS D`AMOUR - A graveyard of empty

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LP 334 - The Dogs D`amour - 1989 DE / Meget bra rock musikk ! Vinyl; NM - Covwer; NM ----------------------- Origin London, England Genres Glam punk, rock & roll, blues rock, hard rock, glam rock Years active 1983–1991, 1992–1994, 2000, 2002–present --------------------- The Dogs D'Amour are a rock and roll band formed in 1983 in London, England. Over the years the band has had various line-ups, the only constant being vocalist Tyla. Their 1989 release, A Graveyard of Empty Bottles, reached #16 on the UK chart while the single "Satellite Kid" reached #26. In 1991, the band broke up onstage, before reforming briefly in the early 1990s for the release of their sixth studio album More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace. After this, however, the most famous incarnation of the band ceased to exist. There was another brief reunion in 2000 and an album, but, throughout the 2000s, Tyla has been touring and releasing albums under the band name, which is vastly different from their older material. In December 2012 the 'classic' line-up of Tyla, Jo 'Dog' Almeida, Steve James and Bam agreed to reform to play a series of benefit concerts for their long-time friend, and former bandmate, Paul Hornby. In January 2013, the band recorded an E.P. in Florida and have announced live dates for the UK and Spain. ----------------- Albums The State We're In (Kumibeat - 1984) In The Dynamite Jet Saloon (China - 1988) A Graveyard of Empty Bottles (China - 1989) UK #16 Errol Flynn (China - 1989) UK #22 Straight??!!' (China - 1990) UK #32 ...More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace (China - 1993) UK #30 Happy Ever After (Artful - 2000) Seconds (Basementboy - 2000) When Bastards Go To Hell (Rock Treasures - 2004) Let Sleeping Dogs... (King Outlaw - 2005) In the Dynamite Jet saloon MMX ( King Outlaw 2011) Graveyard of Empty Bottles MMXII (King Outlaw 2011) Live albums Unleashed (King Outlaw - 2006) Compilations (Un)authorized Bootleg Album (1988) Dogs Hits & Bootleg Album (1991) Skeletons: The Best Of... (1997) Heart Shaped Skulls (best of '88-'93) (2004) EPs The Dogs D'Amour - (1988) Blame It On Us - (1992) All or Nothing - The EP - (1993) Cyber Recordings - (2013) Singles This list of singles only contains ones which entered the charts. For information on all singles released please see specific album's articles. Title Date of Release UK Chart Position The Kid from Kensington 1988 88 I Don't Want You to Go 78 How Come It Never Rains 1989 44 Satellite Kid 26 Trail of Tears 47 Victims of Success 1990 36 Empty World 61 Back on the Juice 97 All or Nothing (Small Faces cover) 1993 53 Pretty Pretty Once ?? -------- les mer på WIKIPEDIA