LP 348 / NRBQ - Tiddly Winks

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LP 348 - NRBQ ( NEW RHYTHM BLUES QUINTET ) - 1980 USA - cEX+ - vNM --------- NRBQ is an American rock band founded in 1967. It is known for its live performances, containing a high degree of spontaneity and levity, and blending rock, pop, jazz, blues and Tin Pan Alley styles. Its best known line-up is the 1974–1994 quartet of pianist Terry Adams, bassist Joey Spampinato, guitarist Al Anderson, and drummer Tom Ardolino. 2004 saw the beginning of a several-year-long hiatus interrupted only by a few reunion performances, while band members pursued other projects. In 2011, the band returned with keyboardist Adams as the only member from any previous lineup.

LP-2573 / NRBQ - Grooves In Orbit

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LP-2573 / NRBQ - Grooves In Orbit - 1983 UK Vinyl; NM / Cover; EX R&B / ROCK / ROC N ROLL