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LP 512 - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band / Vol 3 - A Child`s Guide to Good & Evil MEGASJELDEN ! ------------ Released 1968 Genre Psychedelic rock Length 38:20 Label Reprise - 6298 Producer Jimmy Bowen, Bob Markley The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band chronology Vol. 2 (Breaking Through) (1967) Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil (1968) Where's My Daddy? (1969) ------------- Volume 3: A Child's Guide To Good And Evil, is the third album by the American psychedelic rock group, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and was released in 1968 on Reprise Records (RS 6298 stereo and promo R 6298 mono). It is widely regarded as their best album.[1] In 2005, Mojo Magazine voted it 31 in its list of the 40 Greatest Psychedelic Albums of All Time. Danny Harris was not included on this album because he was pursuing other musical opportunities. He would return for the next album.[2] The album was the group's most complex piece to date. As the title suggests, the content is a psychedelic fusion of innocence and malice. In that regard, the structure formed uneasily with the peace, and love context contradicting the tracks concerning violence and war. In a rare insight by Markley he explains that Child's Guide is "...so meaningful and gets in so deep that we are treading the fine line of perfect taste".[3] The closing track, "Anniversary Of World War III," is two minutes of total silence.[4] ------------ Track listing "Eighteen Is Over the Hill" (Bob Markley, Ron Morgan) - 2:42 "In the Country" (Markley, Shaun Harris, Terry Kath) - 2:03 "Ritual #1" (Markley, Harris, John Ware) 2:09 "Our Drummer Always Plays in the Nude" (Markley, Harris) - 2:45 "As the World Rises and Falls" (Markley, Morgan) - 4:52 "Until the Poorest People Have Money to Spend" (Markley, Harris) - 2:18 "Watch Yourself" (Buddy Guy, Robert Yaezel) - 5:20 "A Child's Guide to Good and Evil" (Markley, Harris) - 2:29 "Ritual #2" (Markley, Harris) - 2:04 "A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death" (Markley, Morgan) - 2:41 "As Kind as Summer" (Markley, Harris, Roger Bryant) - 1:10 "Anniversary of World War III" (Markley) - 1:36 2001 CD Bonus Tracks "Shifting Sands (Single Mix)" (Baker Knight) - 3:54 "1906 (Single Mix)" (Markley, Morgan) - 2:17 Personnel Bob Markley: backing vocals, spoken word Shaun Harris: vocals, bass guitar Ron Morgan: guitar Jim Gordon: drums