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LP-57 / JOY OF COOKING 1970 USA m, orginale vedlegg / Vinyl; NM- - Cover; EX+ ---------------------- Joy of Cooking was an American music ensemble formed in 1967 in Berkeley, California. Identified with the hippie culture, the band's music melded rock & roll with folk, blues and jazz. The band released three studio albums on Capitol Records in the early 1970s, as well as a minor hit single in 1971, "Brownsville". With bandleaders Terry Garthwaite and Toni Brown, Joy of Cooking was one of the earliest female-fronted bands in rock music history. ---- Cariere; Joy of Cooking was led by pianist Toni Brown and guitarist Terry Garthwaite.The rest of the band consisted of bass guitarist David Garthwaite (Terry's brother), drummer Fritz Kasten and percussion player Ron Wilson. Keyboard player Stevie Roseman replaced Toni Brown for a time and bass players Happy Smith and eventually Jeff Neighbor replaced David Garthwaite on bass guitar. The band's music was a mix of hippie sensibilities with rock, blues, folk and jazz, and the lyrics often reflected feminist themes. ------------- Discography Capitol Records issued three albums by Joy of Cooking in the early 1970s, and an anthology disc in 1993.[1] Joy of Cooking (1971) Closer to the Ground (1971) Castles (1972) American Originals (1993) A fourth album, Same Old Song And Dance (1973), was never released, although certain songs were included on American Originals. Single; Brownsville - Only Time Will Tell Me, 1971. A compilation of previously unreleased tracks, Back to the Heart, was issued on the independent NJOY label in 2007. The double-CD album includes a set of live music, the first such release by the band.