LP 320 / BOSS - Step On It

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LP 320 - Boss - 1984 DE / SJELDEN LP / Australsk Band med kun 1 lp utgivelse ! Vin; EX+ - Cov; EX+ FOC / Flott hardrock ! ------------------------ Boss Origin Sydney, Australia Genres Hard rock Years active 1979–1986 --------------- Boss were a hard rock-heavy metal band from Sydney, Australia. ---- History Craig Csongrady (vocals) originally formed Boss in Adelaide, Australia, during 1979. Kevin Pratt (guitar) and Csongrady moved in 1980 to Sydney, where Dapto, Wollongong guitarist Peter Sutcliffe was added to the line-up. Boss commenced a heavy schedule of live performances on the Sydney pub and club circuit. Most notably, some of the band's best performances were at the Astra Hotel Bondi. In 1983, Boss released a two-track self-titled single, produced by Jon Kennett. The band had a very short-lived career that was at its peak in 1984 with the international release of the LP Step On It. The LP was well received in Europe, but failed to achieve the same success locally, and the band fell apart soon after. Many fans were disappointed to learn that a Roland TR-909 drum machine was used instead of a real drummer on the Step On It LP. The success of Step On It also saw Boss support a number of bigger acts including Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, and Ronnie James Dio. After Boss split in the mid-1980s, vocalist Craig Csongrady and lead guitarist Kevin Pratt formed BB Steal. -------------- Discography Boss (Single) RCA 1983 Step on It (LP) RCA 1984