VMS-14 / The SEARCHERS - Needles And Pins

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VMS-14 - The Searchers 1964 UK / Vinyl; EX - Cover; Nøytralt B siden; Saturday Night Out --------------- Studio Vinyl Singles / 45 rpm. 1963 - Sweets For My Sweet / It's All Been A Dream - Pye 7N-15533 UK 1963 - Sweet Nuthins / What'd I Say - Phillips BF-1274 UK 1963 - Sugar And Spice / Saints And Searchers - Pye 7N-15566 UK on Dark maroon label = 1st press / 2 press in light maroon label. 1964 - Needles And Pins / Saturday Night Out - Pye 7N-15594 UK 1964 - Don't Throw Your Love Away / I Pretend I'm With You - Pye 7N-15630 UK 1964 - Someday We're Gonna Love again / No One Else Could Love You - Pye 7N-15670 UK 1964 - When You Walk In The Room / I'll Be Missing You - Pye 7N-15694 UK 1964 - What Have They Done To The Rain / This Feeling Inside - Pye 7N-15739 UK on Dark maroon label = 1 press / 2 press in light maroon label. 1965 - Goodbye My Love / Till I Met You - Pye 7N-15794 UK 1965 - He's Got No Love / So Far Away - Pye 7N-15878 UK 1965 - When I Get Home / I'm Never Coming Back - Pye 7N-15950 UK 1965 - Take Me For What I'm Worth / Too Many Miles - Pye 7N-15992 UK ( Export issue in pic. sleeve ) 1966 - Take It Or Leave It / Don't Hide It Away - Pye 7N-17094 UK 1966 - Have You Ever Loved Somebody / It's Just The Way - Pye 7N-17170 UK 1967 - Popcorn, Double Feature / Lovers - Pye 7N-17225 UK 1967 - Western Union / I'll Cry Tomorrow - Pye 7N-17308 UK 1967 - Secondhand Dealer / Crazy Dreams - Pye 7N-17424 UK 1968 - Umbrella Man / Over The Weekend - Liberty LBF-15159 UK 1969 - Kinky Kathy Abernathy / Suzanna - Liberty LBF-15340 UK 1971 - Desdemonia / The World Is Waiting For Tomorrow - RCA Rca-2057 UK 1971 - Love Is Everywhere / And A Button - RCA Rca-2139 UK 1972 - Sing Singer Sing / Come On Back To Me - RCA Rca-2231 UK 1972 - Needles And Pins / When You Walk In The Room / Come On Back To Me - RCA Rca-2248 ( maxi-single ) 1972 - Vahevala / Madman - RCA Rca-2288 UK 1973 - Solitaire / Spicks And Specks - RCA Rca-2330 UK 1979 - Hearts In Her Eyes / Don't Hang On - Sire SIR-4029 UK ( Pic.sleeve ) 1980 - It's Too Late / This Kind Of Love Affair - Sire SIR-4036 UK ( Pic.sleeve ) 1981 - Love's Melody / Changing - Sire SIR-4046 UK ( Pic.sleeve ) 1981 - Another Night / Back To The War - Sire SIR-4049 UK ( Pic.sleeve ) 1982 - I Don't Wanna Be The One / Hollywood - PRT Records - 7P 250 UK (Pic. sleeve) --------------- The Searchers are an English beat group, which emerged as part of the 1960s Merseybeat scene along with the Beatles, the Hollies, the Fourmost, the Merseybeats, the Swinging Blue Jeans, and Gerry and the Pacemakers. The band's hits include a remake of the Drifters' 1961 hit, "Sweets for My Sweet"; remakes of Jackie DeShannon's "Needles and Pins" and "When You Walk In The Room"; an original song written for them, "Sugar and Spice"; a cover of the Orlons' "Don't Throw Your Love Away"; and a cover of the Clovers' "Love Potion No. 9". They were the second group from Liverpool, after the Beatles, to have a hit in the United States when "Needles and Pins" charted during the first week of March 1964. --------- Band history Origins Originally founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender, the band took their name from the classic 1956 John Ford western The Searchers. Pender claims that the name was his idea,[1] but McNally ascribes it to 'Big Ron' Woodbridge (born Ronald Woodbridge, 1938, in Liverpool, Lancashire), their first lead singer. The genesis remains unresolved. The band grew out of an earlier skiffle group formed by McNally in 1957, with his friends Brian Dolan (guitar) and Tony West (bass - born Anthony West, in 1938, Waterloo, Liverpool, Lancashire died 11 November 2010, West Way, Hightown, Merseyside). When the other two members lost interest McNally was joined by his guitarist neighbour Mike Prendergast. They soon recruited Tony Jackson (born Anthony Paul Jackson, 16 July 1938, The Dingle, Liverpool, Lancashire — died 18 August 2003, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) with his home-made bass guitar and amplifier, who was recruited as a lead singer, but took a back seat at first in order to learn the bass. The band styled themselves as 'Tony and the Searchers' with Joe Kelly on drums. Kelly soon left to be replaced by Norman McGarry (born 1 March 1942, Liverpool, Lancashire), and it is this line-up — McNally, Pender (as Prendergast soon became known), Jackson and McGarry — that is usually cited as the original foursome. 1960s and 1970s McGarry did not stay long, however, and in 1960 his place was taken by Chris Crummey (26 August 1941 – 28 February 2005), who later changed his name to Chris Curtis. Later that year Big Ron had a successful audition with Mecca and became a ballroom singer. He was replaced by Billy Beck, who changed his name to Johnny Sandon (born William Beck, in 1941, Liverpool dıed 23 December 1996). The band had regular bookings at Liverpool's Iron Door Club as 'Johnny Sandon and the Searchers'. Sandon left the band in late 1961[2] to join The Remo Four in February 1962.[3] The group settled into a quartet 'The Searchers' with Jackson becoming the main vocalist. They continued to play at the Iron Door, The Cavern, and other Liverpool clubs. Like many similar acts they would do as many as three shows at different venues in one night. They negotiated a contract with the Star-Club in the St. Pauli district Hamburg for 128 days, with three one-hour performances a night, starting in July 1962.[2] The band returned to a residency at the Iron Door Club and it was there that they tape-recorded the sessions that led to a Pye Records recording contract with Tony Hatch as producer. (Their first single was issued in US on Mercury, the second on Liberty without success and then a deal was arranged with U.S. based Kapp Records to distribute their records in America.) The first Pye single; 'Sweets For My Sweet' featured

VMS-717 / SEARCHERS - I Dont Want To Be The One

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VMS-717 / SEARCHERS - I Dont Want To Be The One - 1982 FRANSK Vinyl; NM

OD-01087 / The SEARCHERS - Its To Late

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OD-01087 / The SEARCHERS - Its To Late - 1979 DE Vinyl; EX+ / Cover; EX

OD-1607 - 2 / The SEARCHERS - Goodbye My Love

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OD-1607 - 2 / The SEARCHERS - Goodbye My Love - 1965 UK Vinyl; EX+ - Cover; Nøytr.

OD-1669 / The SEARSCHERS - Take Me For What Im Wor

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OD-1669 / The SEARSCHERS - Take Me For What Im Worth - 1965 UK Vinyl; NM / Cover; Nøytr.

VMS-1454 / SEARCHERS - Its Too Late

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VMS-1454 / SEARCHERS - Its Too Late - 1979 DE Vinyl; NM / Cover; EX

2652 / SEARCHERS - Goodbye My Love

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2652 / SEARCHERS - Goodbye My Love - April 1965 DE Vinyl; EX / Cover; EX-